ASL 102

ASL 102 is the second introductory course to American Sign Language and Deaf culture. This class focuses on developing receptive and expressive skills, founded in 101, along with developing an understanding of Deaf Culture.
Classes use an immersive approach. All instruction and communication will be done in ASL.
This class is offered each semester: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.


1. Be able to converse naturally using selected vocabulary.

2. Explain daily routines and time concepts.

3. Describe appearance of others using classifiers.

4. Be able to develop and use appropriate classifiers.

5. Make basic person requests.

6. Be able to develop and use appropriate ASL structure.

7. Discuss various occupations of family members.

8. Be able to identify and explain selected culture rules.

9. Be able to answer questions about selected films.

10. Compare and contrast Deaf and hearing cultures.


To view learning videos for this class, please click here or select “Hummedia” in the top menu.