ASL 301

This is the first advanced course to American Sign Language. This course builds on any material learned in ASL 101 – 202.
This course focuses on expressing concepts, thoughts, and ideas with more specific, nuanced vocabulary. This course refines signers sentence structure and will help students narrate on a variety of subjects at paragraph length discourse. This course has a cultural focus towards social oppression.
This class is offered every semester: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer


1. Be able to discuss the nature of culture and definitions of Deaf culture, Deaf community, and Deaf-World.

2. Be able to identify the basic values and beliefs of the Deaf culture.

3. Be able to discuss various educational and social issues affecting the Deaf community.

4. Be able to identify general characteristics of Deaf culture.

5. Be able to identify specific practices of Deaf people.

6. Be able to discuss the role of ASL and English in the community and in individual’s identity development.

7. Begin to understand the impact of deafness on various lives.

8. Become familiar with the basics of American Deaf history.


To view learning videos for this class, please click here or select “Hummedia” in the top menu.